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Instead of fearing or disliking spiders, these little pests are actually beneficial. They are predators and eat many other small bugs and insects. In most circumstances, spiders are completely harmless to people.

The two most known venomous spiders are the black widow and the brown recluse.

Make sure to call us immediately and let us handle these dangerous spiders!

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Spider Removal

Poisonous spiders will not typically be found inside your home. Even if they do, they often migrate towards dark places like a basement or garage.

Black widows are typically found in wood piles or outdoor sheds and have a black body with a red hourglass. Brown recluses are brown with a black line down their back. To protect yourself, make sure that you always use thick gloves when reaching into a wood pile or dark spaces.

If you suspect that you have poisonous spiders in or around your home or business then you should call us immediately. Our trained specialists here at Greenwood Pest Control can safely get rid of the poisonous (and non-poisonous) spiders on your property.

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