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Bed Bugs

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Here at Greenwood Pest Control we’ve seen a sizable increase in the number of bed bug problems recently in the Greenwood, Indiana area. We aren’t sure why, but we think it might possibly be due to more and more people trading second-hand furniture, not to mention closer living quarters.

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Bed Bug Inspection & Extermination

We don’t know of a single individual that is okay with bed bugs sharing their living space. Bed bugs will make their presence known in a way that makes it quite impossible to ignore them and go on. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs will come out to feed; on you. They pierce the skin with a stylet (basically, a long part of their mouth). It sounds disgusting, but the bed bug will use this stylet to saw through your tissue to find blood vessels. The bed bug will then feed on your blood for up to 10 minutes before retreating to its hiding place. The bed bug will also inject saliva into the body of the human it is feeding on which can cause swelling and extreme itchiness.

It’s often difficult to detect the actual bodies with your own eye. Bed bugs will hide in small crevices, like the seams of your mattress or crevices in your bed frame, and only come out at night. In a majority of the Greenwood bed bug cases we’ve dealt with, people don’t realize they have bed bugs until they get attacked in their sleep. If you start to notice little fecal spots or blood smears on your bedsheets, then it’s very likely you have been infested with bed bugs and you should call us immediately. If there is even the slightest chance you think you could have bed bugs you should not sleep in your home until it’s been treated.

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If you wake up with bite marks, think you saw a bed bug, or have blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you should call our experts at Greenwood Pest Control immediately! Call us today and our Greenwood bed bugs experts can provide a hassle-free quote.

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